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Website Design Tips for the Modern Era

Your business will need a website in this day and age if you want it to succeed. That is a fact! But not just any old website will do. You want to be sure you aren’t stuck in the old days of designing sites. Web design has come a long way in the past few years of digital development and internet innovation. When entrepreneurs and business owners start their companies, a website is on the mandatory list of expenses and already a necessity for operating a successful offline or online business. With more of our day to day lifestyles and social lives incorporating the digital world, web design is bigger than ever before.

Advancing Mobile Browsing

Cutting edge mobile browsers and mobile optimization also plays a big part in the online world. Recent studies have shown that the number of people online using their mobile devices exceed those who are using a computer desktop or laptop. This means that your website will get just as much if not more traffic from mobile users, so your website has to be mobile responsive and optimized for smaller screens. There are a number of ways to keep optimized for smaller screens, the first is use a website building platform like WordPress, and it is literally click-button easy for getting your web design optimized for mobile. There is also a Google URL tester for making sure your website is mobile responsive. We highly recommend the website you build is ready for all types of traffic and can be pleasingly appealing to various browsing sources.

Speed matters

When deciding on a new design, keep in mind that the people who come to your website will want fast view-ability and fast loading pages. Analysts and industry experts have done research on bounce rates (which is the percent of people of those who click back from your website to wherever they were), it has shown that your consumers will hit that back button if your website does not load in 5 to 7 seconds or less. Search engines have also made public that they will add website load speed and mobile responsive designs into their ranking algorithm. So it matters to keep both of these very important factors in mind when building and choosing a website design for your domain.

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