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Top 5 Online Money Making Ideas for 2017

The continuous growth of e-commerce has created a lasting solution to those unemployed or earning a low income, or those who just want to create a better life for themselves and get out of the rat race. Today, people from different parts of the world are making money through a variety of online ventures. Currently, there are many legal money making business opportunities over the Internet that require no special skill; all you need is a computer and internet connection. However, for a rewarding online career, you need to know and apply the right online business ideas.

Here are some online business ideas that will guide you to paying deals:


One way of making money online is through freelancing. As a freelancer, you need to create an attractive and compelling profile online that will market your services. There is a wide range of services that you can offer as an online freelancer. You can work as an artist, a graphic designer, writer or an editor. If you’re a developer or a programmer, you’ll make more money online by offering software development services. In freelancing, you need to create fresh quality content, establish healthy relationships with your clients and build your reputation. The best aspect of working as a freelancer is that you define how much work you can take at a time.

E-commerce Store

One of the most profitable online ventures is opening and operating an e-commerce store. With an online store, you can sell virtually any product ranging from clothes, reading materials, and electronics to household items by creating an affiliate store with Amazon or Slingly or eBay. You can also opt for wholesale drop shipping.

Most people prefer receiving their payments at the time of delivery of the products. The payments can either be made through the PayPal or via credit card accounts. With online stores, you need to provide credible goods and services that will help to improve your reputation.

Affiliate Marketing

You can opt to make money online by advertising other people’s goods and services through your blog. With this idea, you don’t even need a dime of your money to start it. You will receive commissions for every sale resulting from your marketing efforts.

Internet Marketing Services

This idea entails helping people to drive many visitors to their website. Some of the services you can provide here are blog marketing services, pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising services, guest blogging, article marketing services, and link building services.


Just like blogging, you can make money through Vlogging. This entails creating educative videos touching the popular topics or emerging issues in the community then posting them on your page. After your page draws a high following, you can generate income through sponsorship’s or advertisements that use your platform.

Indeed, the internet has become a valuable tool for creating employment and also supplementing one’s income.

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