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Taking Care Of Business At Home – A Personal Finance Checklist

One very important aspect of running a home business is keeping track of your finances. This needs to be done the same way that a corporate business or any other type of business is done. Knowing your financial situation at all times will help you to stay in check with your spending and your profits. All of us want to make a profit or we would not be in business. Sometimes careless or overspending especially in slower times, can create a hardship for any business. Learning how and when to purchase that extra shipment of inventory can make the financial aspect of any business flow easier.

How To Keep Track Of Your Spending

The best way to know where you are financially is to keep track of your spending. Create a ledger or log of all of your expenses. This means if you have to purchase paper for your printer, put it on your ledger. If your business has a car, make sure to include all gas purchases and insurance and such that you have purchased for this car. Make sure that you write your ledger so that you can look at it frequently and see what the expenses are for. This will help you to see where your money is being spent and will allow you to see where you could cut back when necessary. Compare these expenses with your income and learn when your high profit and lowest profit times of the year seem to be. This way you can be prepared to meet you necessary expenses even when your profits are at their lowest.

Taking Care Of Business At Home - A Personal Finance Checklist

Learning How To Stay On Top Of Your Finances

  • Create a yearly and monthly budget
  • Keep track of your income and your spending
  • Keep track of all of your bank account activities
  • Know all of your credit card transactions
  • Monitor and keep track on all of your line of credit purchases

Putting It All Together

Just like with your personal finance, know your business finances at all times. Make sure that you have enough money to pay all of your bills every month. Keep a cushion in the bank at all times just in case there are any unexpected expenses or your business has a slower month than normal. This way you are protecting your credit for your business. As you are keeping track of all of your expenses and income, you will learn what are your best times of the year and what are the slowest times of the year. Once you have kept this record for a year, you will be able to compare the differences and know if your business is growing like you were hoping it would.

You will be able to track these reports with a pen and paper or on your computer with any basic spreadsheet program that works for you. The important thing is that you keep up with them and study them so you know if you need to change your business plan or if you are on the right track. Tracking your finances is one of the best ways to ensure that your home business is operating efficiently.

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